Hi! FRESENBUFIN it’s me and, since I won’t be able to make my story fit in some few lines, I will try to recall the most important facts to be mentioned in this presentation.

Who? My name is Stella Entcheva. I was born in Bulgaria, grew up in Spain and 7 years ago I moved to Finland. I speak Bulgarian and Spanish as mother tongues and my first touch with French language was at the age of seven, when I started to practice classical ballet. Later, during several years of studies in the French college, my relationship with French got deeper and it lead me to High School studies in Fine Arts (Spain), Translation and Interpreting in the University of Madrid and, finally, French Language and Culture in the University of Tampere (Finland).

What? FRESENBUFIN was created by the end of 2009 and since I have dedicated my time almost exclusively to the activity of translation and interpreting. My professional growth focused on the specialization of Interpreting in Public Services (proficiency obtained in 2012), with a special interest in Legal Interpreting.

Where? My life in three countries, constant travels with different purposes and an identity between cultures have kept me in a world without borders, where the best way to find myself is to make the differences find each other. Thus, Translation and Interpreting became the natural path to me.

Why? FRESENBUFIN is the concrete realization of my humble contribution to this professional field. The Code of Ethics and Professional Practice of the Finnish Association of Translators and Interpreters(SKTL) provides the normative basis for my daily work.

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